Gas Ducted Heating Systems

With gas ducted heating you will never have to walk from a warm room to a cold room again. Gas ducted heating is the most efficient way of heating your entire home.

Gas Ducted Heating is Affordable and Efficient

Gas ducted heating works by passing air over a heat exchanger where the air is warmed by gas combustion.

The air then is pushed through a series of ducts and into the building through outlets installed in the ceiling or floor.

A thermostat installed in the main area controls the temperature of the building by sending messages to the heater to cycle on or off.

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Designing your gas ducted heating system

We can design your system with different zones, allowing you to control which sections of your home will be heated. This allows you the flexibility to turn off sections that are not being used. Zoning is a very practical and economical way of controlling your gas ducted heating.

OTHER OPTIONS - Gas Ducted Heating with add on Refrigerated Cooling

Add on refrigerated cooling is a great way to utilise your heating ducts to also cool your home. For an efficient way to heat and cool your home throughout the year this could be the choice for you!