Evaporative Cooling Systems

Keep your home cool and comfortable in summer with an energy efficient evaporative cooling system.

About Evaporative Cooling

Unlike traditional refrigerated air-conditioning, evaporative cooling uses water to cool the hot air outside and draw it into the home. This method is a lot more energy efficient then refrigerated air-conditioning, saving you money and saving the environment.

The evaporation process of these cooling systems function best in drier weather. In our country’s north where the humidity is much higher evaporative cooling does not function as well.

Our bodies naturally act on evaporative cooling. When your perspiration evaporates from your skin – it cools your body.

Evaporative cooling systems work the same way. They draw in hot air from outdoors through wet pads, removing heat from the air as it passes through. Cool fresh air is then blown into your home through a series of ducts, with a complete air change every 1-3 minutes.

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Evaporative Cooling