Split System Air Conditioning - Commercial

Alpine Heating and Cooling can design and install a split system air conditioner for your office, factory or building. 

Benefits of a Split System

Split system air-conditioners are a great way to heat or cool a particular room or area. Using a unit on the outside of the building and a wall-mounted unit on the inside, split systems are a great space saver while being ultra-quiet.

The outdoor unit contains a compressor, which initiates the cooling process and an indoor unit that contains an evaporator and a fan. These two units are connected by a series of copper pipes.

The indoor unit draws heat out of the room through to the outdoor unit. Here the cooling system in the outdoor unit removes heat from the gas, turning it into a cold liquid. This cold liquid is then pushed through another pipe back into the indoor unit. The unit then uses a fan to blow the cool air back into the office, store or showroom.

All our split system units come with air filters that reduce the flow of dust, bacteria and other contaminants, keeping you, your staff and customers healthy. With the bulk of the split system’s work being done outdoors there’s no harsh fan noise inside your business, making the units almost silent whilst in use.

The indoor units come in a range of shapes and sizes, so we are can review your needs and recommend the best option.

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