New Installations

New Installations

Alpine Cooling has been providing heating and cooling solutions since the late 70’s, so we have worked on, around or alongside just about every different air-conditioning or heating system there is.

From Ducted Cooling systems, to High Wall Split system through to Evaporative units and many others in between - we can fit the right system for your needs.

On initial assessment, we aim to establish a clear understanding of the environment to be controlled (ie. home, office, factory, cool room, cabinet, single story, multiple, compass aspect and climate) we then seek to understanding how the area will be used and for exactly what purpose. For example, controlling an office space for a dozen people and some computers will be very different to what is required for a normal lounge/family room, a high traffic interview zone, home theater or an IT centre. Frequency of use is often a crucial point for many of our customers, as not all sites need to be controlled around the clock – yet for others, this is an absolute must.

Armed with this information and other technical points, our experienced team will be able to map out the most appropriate system for your needs.

If budget is a primary concern, then we will also provide guidance on the running costs of the different solutions so you can make a fully informed decision about what is the right choice for your needs.

As we deal with an extensive range of suppliers, we are not constrained by brand or product – so we can provide you with the best available product to suit for your needs.

Don’t get stuck with a system that has been poorly assessed and simply installed by someone inadequately trained and inexperienced.  A poorly installed system could be very expensive in the long term.

We stand behind our quality workmanship, with fully qualified industry technicians – backed by relevant industry experience.

Whether it is air-conditioning for a small family home or extensive solutions for your office, call Alpine for a quote on (03) 5964 7513.

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