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Solar Hot Water Systems Melbourne

Whether you are worried about the cold winter nights, the hot summer days, the electrical safety of your staff or perhaps the condition of your old roof, the Alpine Group of trade professionals has you covered. 

Since 1979, we have been servicing homes and businesses across Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. Initially we were installing and servicing air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration systems, but now provide comprehensive servicing with our electrical and plumbing divisions.

Providing a one call service - our expert team can provide guidance and advice across your home and business, air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, electrical and plumbing needs. Our technicians are also available 7 days a week for emergency repairs.

Call us today on 1300 252 225 for a free quote or to get some guidance on your particular situation. We are here to help!
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Why Buy a Solar Hot Water System?

According to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, water heating in Australia is the largest source of greenhouse gases from residential use – 23% of all emissions come from our need to have instant access to hot water.

Here at Alpine Trade Group, we have worked with many residential properties to help them source and install Solar Hot Water Systems in Melbourne – to reduce their costs and protect the environment.

Our fully qualified, insured and experienced team have worked with all the major brands, and we are aware of the benefits of a Solar Hot Water System – especially in a climate like the one Melbourne is lucky enough to enjoy.

Since 1979, we have been providing heating solutions for commercial and residential properties in the Yarra Valley and beyond. In 2001, we added extra services to our provision – and now we are the premier choice for heating, cooling, gasfitting, plumbing, drain cleaning, water filtration, indoor air quality electrical and data sales, installation, maintenance and repairs.

Our highly trained team offer not only the latest in technological knowledge, we are also on the road and able to respond to emergencies and breakdowns almost immediately. We are available to our customers 24/7, and our in-house team are always available for a call to discuss your needs and help you deal with any issues.

We are experts in solar hot water installation and information regarding solar hot water systems, and with many happy customers in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley we are always ready to help you reduce your carbon footprint – and reduce your bills – through the use of solar power to heat your water.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of solar hot water systems, call the team on 1300 252 225.

The Benefits of Solar Hot Water System

It needs to be said that typically, a solar hot water system has a higher initial outlay than traditional systems. They need to be installed by specially trained and qualified plumbers and electricians in order to be safe and useful. However, the long-term benefits in terms of running cost reductions will soon outweigh the initial spend.

  • Free Energy from the Sun

  • Rising Energy Costs

  • Save on Water Heating Bills

  • Offset Investment Costs

  • Decrease Carbon Footprint

  • Increase Value of Property

With the ever-increasing focus on climate change and greenhouse gases across the globe, taking steps to reduce our personal impact on the environment is important. By installing a solar hot water system, you are reducing the impact your energy consumption has on creating more greenhouse gases – and that 23% caused by heating water is the biggest reduction you can make.

Your property value will increase; having green credentials by installing a solar hot water system will make your property more tempting for buyers who are looking to decrease their energy spend and protect the environment.

You will enjoy much lower energy bills – the free power provided by the sun will stop energy costs from rising and will prevent your usage from being affected by any hike in electricity costs. The ongoing reduction in costs will recoup any extra cost in installation – but thanks to the Government, you can offset investment costs through the Small-scale Renewable Energy System (SRES) rebate.

The Government Rebate – How Does it Work?

In order to encourage more households to use renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro, small-scale renewable energy systems are eligible to receive benefits. By installing solar water heaters, Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are created, which have a value. This value can be redeemed by selling them - either on the open market or through the Government-backed scheme.

Another way to redeem the value is to assign it to someone else. In exchange for the STC, your system installer will offer a discount or delayed cash payments.

For more information about how Alpine Trade Group can help you buy the best Solar Hot Water Systems in Melbourne, call the team today on 1300 252 225
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