Cool Rooms

Cool Rooms

Refrigerated Cool Rooms are special purpose insulated rooms which are temperature controlled for the storage of fruit, vegetables, flowers, meat & dairy, drinks and many other bulk or temperature sensitive products.

Customised to the needs of the business and its stock, cool rooms have a variety of uses in business and typically represent the bulk refrigeration storage area. Cool rooms are normally located in back of house or service areas, and then supplemented by small freezer or refrigerated cabinets in front of house business areas.

Due to the bulk storage nature of cool rooms, a single failure can put a considerable amount of stock at risk – with this often representing a large financial exposure for the business.

Regular preventative maintenance is required to not only ensure reliable service, but also to maintain temperature accuracy and extend the life of what can be costly equipment investment.

If your cool room has not been serviced for a while or the temperature control is a bit off, then contact us to book an on-site inspection.

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