Commercial Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

Keep your premises cool and comfortable this summer with an energy efficient evaporative cooling system.

Alpine Trade Group is one of Melbourne's most experienced installers of commercial cooling systems, having been in continuous operation since 1979.

Keeping your business cool is an obvious necessity, but also a major expense for many business operators because of the high energy demands of most commercial evaporative cooling systems. One possible solution to the energy drain problem is to use a commercial evaporative air cooler in place of a traditional air conditioner.
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We have the answers for commercial evaporative cooling in Melbourne

These cooling systems are suitable for various applications, except:

  • Very high volume open spaces (unless multiple coolers are used)

  • Mission-critical cooling (e.g. server rooms, operating theatres)

  • Areas that ordinarily experience very high humidity levels

This is due to inherent differences between evaporative cooling and ordinary air conditioning technology. Evaporative coolers absorb heat from the air as water evaporates through a blower, and a side effect of this process is that the air is humidified slightly. Air conditioners exchange hot air for cold air using refrigerant, and a side effect of this process is that the air is dehumidified slightly. Even though the two technologies have the same goal, the methods they use are different and the results are also slightly different.

Advantages of commercial evaporative cooling in Melbourne

Advantages of properly installed and used commercial evaporative cooling systems include:

  • Generally many times cheaper to run than conventional air conditioning

  • Can be better for the environment, which is important for companies promoting themselves as "green"

  • May be better for patient care where the patient suffers respiratory ailments (due to not drying the air)

  • Generally provides a more comfortable cooling that is less extreme than air conditioning

  • Generally lower purchase cost, but this may depend on how much space needs to be cooled

Many larger businesses may find the best value and efficiency is delivered through a combination of standard air conditioning and evaporative cooling. In this way, you can experience the beneficial aspects of both, with the lower purchase and running costs of evaporative cooling supplemented by the power and effectiveness of air conditioning.

Your local experts in commercial evaporative cooling

With over four decades of experience in the cooling industry, we are ready to tackle any cooling challenge. We employ skilled professional technicians, plumbers and gas fitters, and we are a service-minded business. Our focus is on ensuring our customers get safe, effective, and efficient cooling systems that meet their needs perfectly. We serve all Melbourne suburbs and the other nearby areas including the Yarra Valley.

We provide all the services you need, including supply, installation, and after-sales service. Call or email us today and we will be happy to provide as much information as we can to help you make the best choices for your business. We can also give you an obligation-free quote and demonstrate how your business can save money with commercial evaporative cooling solutions from Alpine.
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About Evaporative Cooling

Unlike traditional refrigerated air-conditioning, evaporative cooling uses water to cool the hot air outside and draw it into the home. This method is a lot more energy efficient then refrigerated air-conditioning, saving you money and saving the environment.

The evaporation process of these cooling systems function best in drier weather. In our country’s north where the humidity is much higher evaporative cooling does not function as well.

Our bodies naturally act on evaporative cooling. When your perspiration evaporates from your skin – it cools your body.

Evaporative cooling systems work the same way. They draw in hot air from outdoors through wet pads, removing heat from the air as it passes through. Cool fresh air is then blown into your business environment through a series of ducts, with a complete air change every 1-3 minutes.

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