Licensed Plumbers servicing the Yarra Valley

For all of us working and living in the Yarra Valley, it’s common knowledge that the roads in and out - draw to a crawl throughout the day.

That’s not helpful when you have a building site under construction, a burst pipe, a gas issue or any one of the other 1001 reasons why may need a licensed plumber. That’s why Alpine Plumbing & Gasfitting operates from our head office in the Yarra Valley. 

We find that we can be on site to our Yarra Valley clients with the job half done - before the city competition can even get past Lilydale. It's also nice to be able to do business locally, within our own community.

The general plumbing support that we provide includes:

  • Gas - to the house, through the factory or just a new appliance, we have extensive experience to ensure that you get what you need. Whether it requires just a small fix or all the way through to laying new lines, all are fully safety tested and installed to regulation standards.
  • Maintenance - general maintenance work for safety, compliance or just convenience are all part of the service. With a strong blend of commercial and domestic experience, we can provide a range of options to keep your service running - worry free. 
  • Drain Cleaning/Unblocking - with the right tools on hand we can find the problem with your blocked drain and quickly make the best plan to rectify the situation. Camera assisted jetter clearning is much faster than the old snake unblocking techniques so you can be sure your pipes will be back to tip top shape in no time.  
  • Hot Water Services - cold water in the middle of winter is no fun, nor is a commercial kitchen with no hot water. Hot Water Services are a staple item for all homes and businesses, with many different options available. If you are looking for a new system installation  or perhaps ready to upgrade or changeover your existing set up, we can show you the options. Not all HWS's were born equal, with some working brilliantly in one situation, but not in another. Speak to us about your individual requirements and we can set you straight with the best unit for your needs.
  • LP Gas Systems - still very common in the Yarra Valley. LPG systems require a slightly different line of thought around appliances and their usage due to the more limited gas supply. Consideration also needs to be given to the location of the equipment for ease of bottle changeover - so our experience in this area is what will make it easier for you in the long run.
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Past the general plumbing works, we also provide a range of project based plumbing services which include:

  • Drainage - in-ground works for domestic and commercial/industrial needs, from assisting with a workable design, through excavation and laying, to final connection and site clean-up. 
  • Roof - full replacement service. When a roof gets past the point of repair, a full roof replacement will give an old dwelling a whole new lease on life. Using a range of high-quality roof materials, your roof can be “new again”.  
  • Gutters - the often forgotten and overlooked part of many dwellings, but one of the most important. Gutters safely and efficiently remove the excess water from around your dwelling to look after footings, avoid dampness and avoid slip hazards. For repair and guidance advice, call us for a consult. We also supply and install premium gutter guard to prevent leaves and debris blocking your gutters.
  • Construction - building a house, office, factory or warehouse all require planning and include extensive plumbing. From the initial planning and in-ground works, to the internal piping, roof/gutters and then the fit off to the appliance, this adds up to a lot of plumbing work - over a prolonged period. With years of construction experience and a solid team behind us, we can provide a competitive quote for your construction needs.
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The additional benefit of using Alpine Plumbing & Gasfitting - is that we are part of the Alpine Trade Group. We can provide you a one stop trade shop with plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning (heating & cooling) and refrigeration. So, if your plumbing need turns out to be more than just plumbing, don’t worry - as we have you covered. 

As we deal with an extensive range of suppliers, we are not constrained by brand or product – so we have the freedom to provide you with recommendations on the best available product to suit your needs. 

We stand behind our quality workmanship, with fully qualified industry professionals – backed by relevant industry experience. 

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Alpine Trade Group are proud partners with Neo Power Solar Hot water. 

Check out our short video  below where we chat with Adrian about the many advantages of installing solar hotwater, including:

Energy and cost savings, Rebates and more!