Ducted Gas Heating Systems Melbourne

With gas ducted heating you will never have to walk from a warm room to a cold room again. Gas ducted heating is the most efficient way of heating your entire home.


Gas Ducted Heating is Affordable and Efficient

Gas ducted heating works

by passing air over a heat exchanger where the air is warmed by gas combustion.

The air then is pushed through a series of ducts and into the building through outlets installed in the ceiling or floor.

A thermostat installed in the main area controls the temperature of the building by sending messages to the heater to cycle on or off.

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Designing your gas ducted heating system

We can design your system with different zones, allowing you to control which sections of your home will be heated. This allows you the flexibility to turn off sections that are not being used. Zoning is a very practical and economical way of controlling your gas ducted heating.

OTHER OPTIONS - Gas Ducted Heating with add on Refrigerated Cooling

Add on refrigerated cooling is a great way to utilise your heating ducts to also cool your home. For an efficient way to heat and cool your home throughout the year this could be the choice for you!
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Do You Need Someone to Service or Install Ducted Gas Heating?

Whether you are in charge of a business or private property, you will no doubt always be looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your utilities. One area that many always look first is their temperature control systems, in particular heating systems. Without efficient heating, premises can end up falling in energy efficiency and as a result, this can mean spending money that could otherwise be saved.

You’ll be pleased to find we’re ready to provide ducted gas heating service to you and your premises today. Our family-run business has been providing temperature control solutions since 1979 and we’re very pleased to offer our service to you. You’ll be happy to find engineers have a huge wealth of experience in heating systems and how they fit in properties, so whatever the needs of your premises we’ve got your back!

Affordable and Efficient Ducted Gas Heating

One of the greatest things about ducted gas systems is that they are both affordable and efficient. They work by making use of gas combustion heating and a series of outlets. The heated area can then either warm the ceiling or the floor and are controlled by thermostats.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all system, so we design every system with your property and its needs in mind. Whether you are a business or a homeowner we’ll discover the specific issues to your premises and create something which you can use with the greatest of ease.

High-Quality Service Comes as Standard

Our products and work are of the highest quality so we want to be sure our service is of the highest quality too. That’s why we offer personal account managers for our major clients and access to our job management software to everyone. You’ll always have a point of contact so you can find out how your installation, service or repair is getting on, plus any important information or advice that you might need.

We’ve also created a 24-hour emergency service for when things aren’t quite right. Our call centre is always open, all the time, every single day and our vans are always out on the road. If you have an urgent repair that needs doing, give us a call now and we’ll have a contractor with you very soon!

You should also consider us for any other utility requirements as well. With our Total Care Club subscription, you’ll be making a budget-conscious decision to enlist the support of a one-stop-shop for all your utility needs. We provide installation, maintenance and repairs services for:

Order Your Custom Made System Today!

We’re always pleased to share our experience with new clients and we’re very pleased that the same is said of them. Our great community of customers have left us some very kind comments over on our testimonials page. Check them out now and you’ll see that we’ve worked with quite a diverse group of industries, including:

  • Health care

  • Animal care

  • Hospitality

  • Office work

  • Construction

Each client has their own specific needs, but we love a challenge so whatever problem you need solving we are up to it! Give us a call now or send us a message and we’ll get started on a heating system made just for you!
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