Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Installing the right heating and cooling system to suit your office or commercial premises is essential for creating a comfortable environment for your staff and customers. 

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating

A ducted system comprises of a central unit, connected to a series of outlets. The unit can be installed on the outside of a building, in the roof or under the floor if there is space.

Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

No matter what temperature it is outside you can enjoy year-round comfort inside with a ducted reverse cycle system.

Consisting of an indoor and an outdoor unit, a ducted reverse cycle system distributes the conditioned air throughout your office or store via a series of ducts to keep your environment temperature controlled year-round.

System control is very simple, with a discrete thermostat control often the only element you will even need to touch.

Reverse cycle systems offer a heating and cooling option for year-round comfort. It is considered a very economical form of heating and cooling whilst also being very healthy, as the air passes through a filter, dehumidifying the air.