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Hydronic Heating Repairs Melbourne

Alpine Trade Group have been solving heating and cooling problems for businesses and households in the Yarra Valley area and beyond since 1979.

We have always looked for new, innovative ways to heat and cool properties, from single storey residences to multi-storey office blocks and enormous factories. Each type of building has a different use and different needs when it comes to temperature control.

Whatever your heating and cooling needs, Alpine Trade Group have experience in sales, installation, maintenance and repairs on brands like Breezair, Braemar, Temperzone, Actron, Hitachi, Sime, Mitsubishi Electric, Stiebel Eltron, and many others – in fact, after 40+ years in the industry, we have developed enviable relationships with all our suppliers. This means we can offer not only exclusive discounts on purchases of systems, but we are highly-trained on brand-specific issues – so our knowledge of particular quirks and settings make us the authority on repairing and maintaining all heating and cooling to refrigeration, plumbing, gasfitting, electrical, hydronic heating, drain cleaning, water filtration and indoor air quality.

Hydronic Heating Repairs & Service in Melbourne from Alpine Trade Group

When it comes to office heating and, especially, residential, one of our favourite systems to recommend is hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating systems are arguably the most popular heating option worldwide. Tested in some of the most difficult climates in the world, this system offers controllable temperatures, no matter what the outside world is doing.
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What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic systems are a closed loop. Water is heated by a boiler and then flows through radiators or your concrete slab that provide a steady flow of continuous heat. The system creates no odour, doesn’t rely on any naked flames or super-heated surfaces, and even when in use the radiator panels are not hot enough to cause burns.

The closed loop system recycles the water throughout – no wastage and therefore more energy efficient. Fully controllable via discreet thermometers, and with temperature controls on all panels, you can adjust the temperature to suit.

Hydronic heating systems are perfect for people who suffer from allergies or are sensitive to air movement - the heat is provided by the water flowing through the panels or the concrete slab. This means there is no air circulation, no need for air filters, and there is no noise created by air vents and fans.

For an effectively silent, efficient and refined system that has been tested in the most difficult climates, it is no surprise that hydronic heating is the predominate heating technology in use worldwide.

The Benefit of Experience – Hydronic Heating Repairs in Melbourne

Alpine Trade Group, with over 40 years’ experience, has always been at the forefront of technology. Employing the very best in technicians, purchasing the latest diagnostic equipment, and getting up to date brand and product training makes us the number one choice for hydronic heating servicing and repairs, or on all sorts of heating and cooling equipment.

Alongside our drive to be the go-to experts, we are also well-regarded for our amazing customer service. Not only are we dedicated to offering the best in equipment and technology, but we also work to ‘wow’ our clients with amazing customer service, fast and efficient onsite hydronic heating repairs and maintenance, and ongoing support to help our clients make the most of their appliances.

We are always on hand to help, with 24/7 staffing in our call centre, and repair teams on the road ready to attend any breakdown or emergency.

If you need help or advice about your hydronic heating system, or any other aspect of your heating and/or cooling needs, then call us today on 1300 252 225.
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