Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Breakdowns & Repairs

Alpine Heating and Cooling provide 24/7 emergency breakdown HVAC support to Melbourne businesses.

To keep your business running and your clients comfortable we aim to get your equipment (refrigeration, bar system, coolroom, AC or ventilation) back up and running as quickly as possible.

Service call fee from $199

HVAC Repairs - We're fast and professional

Unexpected breakdowns often fall into two groups, “inconvenient” and “inconvenient and expensive”. Regardless of the operation, having your temperature control requirements fail unexpectedly will cause inconvenience. At a minimum, it will be a distraction from your normal operations – whether it be running a large commercial office or just the family home.

Why you can rely on Alpine Heating & Cooling 

  • We provide fast and effective on-site assistance. We quickly assess what’s gone wrong and then work with you to deliver the most appropriate solution to get your temperature needs back on line.
  • Common breakdowns include;
    • Air Conditioning failure or poor performance (typically when its hot)
    • Coolroom not holding the required temperature and putting stock at risk
    • Refrigeration cabients/freezers shutdown due to compressor failure or gas issue
    • Bar system not functioning or holding required temp
    • Ventilation system not working correctly or simply not working
    • Control Panel shorting out with no control to the system
  • When a simple fix is not an option, we will work with you to provide an interim solution to at least keep you operational.
  • With a number of service teams on the road, we offer prompt and professional service.
  • To ensure the greatest quality of service, we are regularly updating to the newest diagnostic equipment, whilst also attending training updates with many top brands in order to keep our knowledge at the forefront.
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