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Life in Australia has always required a certain fortitude. Not everyone can live here, and certainly many early migrants to Australia questioned the wisdom of their decision within just weeks of their arrival.

Those who stayed had to be tough enough to endure heat waves, floods, droughts, and bush fires. Not just once, but year after year. They couldn't have known it at the time, but their willingness to accept the challenge is what gave rise to the legend of the Aussie Battler.

While the maximum summer temperatures in Melbourne have always been in the low to mid 40s, the character of heatwave conditions has been changing. We've been experiencing more heatwaves more often, they're hotter and they're lasting longer.

Then the summer of 2019 hit us. It was like nothing ever seen before. No previous season had come even close. And the worst part is the scientists are saying we're going to see even more extreme conditions arising in the years ahead. The one thing we should clearly take from this experience is that residential air conditioning can no longer be considered a luxury, but a necessity.

Alpine Trade Group can be considered as your "first responders" in any air conditioning crisis. Call us for fast, efficient, and safe air conditioner repair you can rely on.

>Why we are the right choice for your air conditioner service needs

Since 1979 we have been providing air conditioner service in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our technicians are all licensed and experienced, with expert technical knowledge of every make and model of air conditioning system available in Australia. Even old and obsolete air conditioners are not a problem for us.

Even so, if you do have a very old air conditioner, we strongly recommend upgrading it to a more recent model, because not only can this save you money on future air conditioner repairs, but you'll also save energy. Old air conditioners were not efficient, and the technology we have available today is far better. More recent models are less likely to break down. The intense heatwave conditions that are expected to come at us again and again in the next decade could put stress on even the best technology, however. It's important to be ready for the possibility you might need emergency air conditioner repairs, and if that happens, we're here for you.

Call us for a speedy response and perfect results. Our service may even be free if you're covered by a warranty, but in any case we always offer terrific value on every job we do. The best part is you know it's going to be done right when it's done the Alpine way.

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