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Cool Room Installation Melbourne

Refrigerated Cool Rooms are special purpose insulated rooms which are temperature controlled for the storage of fruit, vegetables, flowers, meat & dairy, drinks and many other bulk or temperature sensitive products.

Customised to the needs of the business and its stock, cool rooms have a variety of uses in business and typically represent the bulk refrigeration storage area. Cool rooms are normally located in back of house or service areas, and then supplemented by small freezer or refrigerated cabinets in front of house business areas.

Due to the bulk storage nature of cool rooms, a single failure can put a considerable amount of stock at risk – with this often representing a large financial exposure for the business.

Regular preventative maintenance is required to not only ensure reliable service, but also to maintain temperature accuracy and extend the life of what can be costly equipment investment.

If your cool room has not been serviced for a while or the temperature control is a bit off, then contact us to book an on-site inspection.
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Looking for Cool Room Installation in Melbourne?

A lot of commercial businesses such as restaurants or supermarkets require powerful and easily controllable cooling systems. Stocks such as meat, veg or dairy need constant temperature control if they are to last, and poor refrigeration can end up having a devastating effect if it isn’t dealt with.

Our company is very pleased to provide expert cool rooms installations for all premises in the area. Since 1979, our family-run business has provided professional quality services for anyone needing heating or refrigeration solutions. We cover anything you could need, not just installation, but regular maintenance and repairs so we have extensive knowledge of brands and appliances.

Specially Trained in Cool Room Installation

If you're getting ready to open a business that requires a well-refrigerated area, then you will need to ensure it is appropriately installed. It needs to be properly insulated and have versatile and easy to use controls and fail-safes to ensure your stock remains at hygienic temperatures. But this can also have longer-term consequences.

When an installation is rushed or carried out by someone with subpar knowledge, it could end up causing you great financial damage. Our installers have been specifically trained and certified in the installation of cool room systems, which is why we’re very pleased to offer these services to you. We're always up to date in the science of refrigeration and how to get the best of out of your cool room.

More Than Just Cool Room Installation

When you’ve got us in for a major cool room installation, we’ll provide you with your own account manager so you’ll always have a point of contact to go to when you have queries or requests. We’ll also assign you your own account management software so you can keep an eye on the progress of your installation at the click of the button.

Everything we install is of the highest quality, and most of it comes from major brands. We insist on being fully trained by these brands in the use of each component, which means we stay up to date on the latest industry knowledge. It also means we can also offer a warranty on many items involved in your cool room installation so you can have peace of mind once the system is up and running.

You may also be happy to find we provide a whole range of services, not just refrigeration. In our Total Care Club we also offer:

We offer a 24-hour service, including emergencies and our vans are always on the road, so whenever you have an issue we’ll be with you in no time at all.

Join Our Happy Community of Customers!

We’ve set up temperature systems in all kinds of places for all kinds of different industries and businesses. These have included:

  • Stables and Kennels

  • Restaurants

  • Health Facilities

  • Carpenters

Whatever use you have for us, we’re only too pleased to add you to our ever-expanding roster of happy customers - you need only take a look out our cool room installation testimonials section to see how happy they are. When you are ready, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll start working on your new cool room installation right away!
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