Ductless Air Conditioning Melbourne

The affordable Air Conditioning choice

For the best value, space saving choice for heating and cooling in your home, you can’t go wrong with a Split Cooling System. It’s perfect for cooling your family room…quiet enough for sleeping in bedrooms and...just the ticket for controlled zoning around your whole home.

Split Systems are convenient units which are designed to cool a designated area – large or small. The key is to get the right unit for the area and then position it appropriately….but don’t worry, we can help with that.

Split Systems have been in the market for a while now, but they continue to get more efficient and come in a range of styles and sizes, so there is a unit for every location and budget. One of the most popular features with the Splits Systems, is that you can get a system to just cool the room you live in, so they are a really economical solution.

Here is a few more features to be aware of:

  • Year round comfort – whether it’s hot or cold, Split Heating and Cooling Systems provide heating and cooling for year round comfort. 
  • Invisible - with internal head unit located discretely up on a wall, you will hardly even know it’s there. Some of the new styles disguise them even more.
  • Whisper Quiet - as the condenser units are located outside, it's only the movement of cool air which will invade your summer days. 
  • Zone-able – control comes from having different units in key living areas of your home, so you only use the unit needed to cool the rooms you want. This saves expensive energy costs associated with cooling empty rooms!
  • WiFi Adaptable and Programable - if you love the convenience of being able to activate your system before you get home or adjust a setting without moving from the kitchen table, then the wifi adaptability and forward program features will impress you. Designed to make life easier, you can have either full automated or manual control of these systems.
  • Energy Efficient – the overall units are built with energy efficiency in mind, so not only are you able to control the area being cooled, you do so knowing that the unit is running with power conservation in mind.
  • Comfort where you are – with directional veins and various sweep patterns, you not only distribute the cool air quickly, but you can just as quickly avoid having a cold breeze blowing on your favourite chair. 
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