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When you are looking into options for home cooling systems, there is more choice available today than ever before. While that's a very positive thing, at the same time it can make it difficult to know which choice is the best one for you.

Ducted air conditioners are designed to cool multiple rooms at the same time. This makes them attractive to those who need constant cooling throughout an entire home or business. If your needs are more modest, you can save money by using a ductless air conditioning system instead.

Alpine Trade Group has all the answers you need to help you make a good choice for your residential cooling or commercial air conditioning.

Why ductless air conditioning systems can be a more budget-friendly choice

Ducted air conditioner systems are bigger and more powerful than ductless systems. Not surprisingly, these powerful air conditioning units cost more than their ductless counterparts. Additionally, their higher energy demands in comparison to ductless air conditioning units will result in higher running costs.

If you only need cooling in one room, then a ductless system will be adequate to meet your needs and will result in an overall cost saving in comparison to a ducted system. This scenario changes if you need to cool multiple rooms simultaneously, in which case you'll usually be better off choosing the ducted system.

It gets more interesting when you consider the situation where you need to cool multiple rooms but not necessarily simultaneously. Which would be the right choice in this situation? Well, it's complicated, and the answer depends on what specific factors are most important to you.

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First, there is the purchase cost. Ducted systems cost more to buy than single ductless systems, but they're still cheaper (usually) than buying multiple ductless systems. Running multiple ductless systems at the same time is far less energy efficient than running a single ducted system, but if you are not running more than one or two at the same time, then the ductless systems may still be using less energy overall.

So mainly it comes down to what suits your lifestyle (or perhaps what suits your business needs if you're buying for a commercial installation), what suits your budget, and other things like environmental impact and so on.

The bigger your home is, the more likely it is that you'll want a ducted system. If you just live in a small place with 3 or 4 rooms, it would definitely be a good idea to give a lot of thought to purchasing one or more ductless air conditioning units.

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Having been in business continuously since 1979, Alpine Trade Group is one of Melbourne's most experienced air conditioning businesses. Our focus on providing quality service and great value is why we've been going for so long, and why we're the best choice to supply and install your ductless air conditioning in Melbourne.

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