Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs and Servicing for Melbourne homes. 

Heating and cooling equipment are subjected to a continual expansion and contraction pressures, so when the temperatures are at their extreme - they are under pressure and working hard. To make things worse, a lot of domestic heating and cooling equipment is only used for half of the year due to our climate, so this means that the equipment is also laying idle for long periods as well.

Regular servicing of equipment enables small problems to be detected early, which not only extends the life of the unit - but also lessens the chances of a break down. Often regular servicing means you can get away with a modest repair - and avoid the need for a more costly replacement.

We offer a range of service options, including:

  • Split System servicing - inspections, re-gassing and filter cleans
  • Air conditioning servicing - inspections and re-gassing
  • Ducted Heating - pre-season testing and filter cleans
  • Heater - services, CO testing and heater repairs

But.... should your equipment break down un-expectantly, then call us for a service call to review your options. We service and repair all types and brands, including the major brands such Breezair, Braemar, Seeley International, Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

With several service teams available, we offer prompt and professional service for all our clients.

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