Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling

Ducted heating and cooling systems are one of the cleanest and most energy efficient ways to control the temperature of your home.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling

A ducted system comprises of a central unit, connected to a series of outlets. The unit can be installed on the outside of a building, in the roof or under the floor if there is space.

Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

No matter what temperature it is outside you can enjoy year-round comfort inside with a ducted reverse cycle system.

Consisting of an indoor and an outdoor unit, a ducted reverse cycle system distributes the conditioned air throughout your home via a series of ducts to keep your environment temperature controlled year-round.

System control is very simple, with a discrete thermostat control often the only element you will even need to touch.

Reverse cycle systems offer a heating and cooling option for year-round comfort. It is considered a very economical form of heating and cooling whilst also being very healthy, as the air passes through a filter, dehumidifying the air.

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