Hydronic Heating for your Business

If you’re after a healthy and comfortable heating solution that will save you money and save the environment, then hydronic heating is your number one choice!

Hydronic Heating Benefits

Hydronic heating has been used throughout Europe for years, as it is known to be the most energy efficient and healthy heating solution.

With controls on every unit, you can heat individual areas of your building, saving you money and saving the environment.

Hydronic heating uses both radiated heat and convected heat in a natural way without the use of noisy fans or forced air movement.

There are 5 components that come together to create a hydronic heating solution; a boiler, thermostat, pump, pipes and radiator panels.

A boiler is placed anywhere inside or outside the building, which heats the water to a controlled temperature set by the thermostat. This temperature is pre-programmed by the thermostat and is variable to your needs.

A pump is then used to circulate water from the boiler through a series of pipes around the house to the radiator panels or trench convectors. The pump continuously circulates the water through the pipes into the outlets, then back to the boiler where the water is reheated. The radiator panels then radiate heat into the room in a natural, silent way.