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It's hot….you are hot and the tiny little cooler on the living room wall is not cutting it. As soon as you move away from the living room…. it's just hot. The bedrooms are stuffy so there will be no chance of sleep tonight and opening a window will help….but it will only let in more hot air.

Sound familiar?  

We hear this type of story on a daily basis during the hot months. 

The solution - whole of house cooling - one touch control of a Ducted Air Conditioning system.

Ducted Air Conditioning systems are not new to the market, but they have just continued to get better. Whilst everyone raves about Split Systems as they are small, cheap and work quickly - they don’t cool a full house. For whole of house cooling comfort, the Ducted Air Conditioning systems are the most effective way to keep your family comfortable and cool.

Whether you have an existing Ducted Heating Unit or no air-conditioning at all, there is a Ducted Air Conditioning system to suit all your needs. 

Here are a few reasons why Ducted Air Conditioning systems are so good:

  • Whole of House comfort - with room based points throughout your home, you are no longer confined to a single room or two during the hot weather. 
  • Invisible - with simple vents discretely located in the ceiling or floor, you avoid the large wall mounted units which are familiar with Split Systems. Whether these are cooling only vents or combine with your heating system, they disappear to the naked eye.
  • Whisper Quiet - as the units are located either in the roof space or outside, it's only the movement of cool air which will invade your summer days. With no wall mounted fan heads to be seen, there is virtually no noise in the house. 
  • Zone-able - homes these days are variable, with children, parents and friends, all meaning that rooms that are needed today, may not be needed next week, next month or next year. With zone-able duct and system sets ups, you can quickly control any surplus occupancy variances with the simple push of a button. Not only is this convenience to turn on or off, but your running costs are lower as you only cool what you need.
  • WiFi Adaptable and Programable - if you love the convenience of being able to activate your system before you get home or adjust a setting without moving from the kitchen table, then the wifi adaptability and forward program features will impress you. Designed to make life easier, you can have either full automated or manual control of these systems.
  • Versatile and Saleable - With a variety of units and sizes available, there is one to suite every house - regardless of the number of rooms or vents. If you have plans to extend or renovate down the track, tell us as we can plan for the additional capacity and duct layout.
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So…what else do you need to know? 

When we speak Ducted Air Conditioning, there are two main types; 

Ducted Air Conditioning systems 

  • It is truly the comfort that comes from having every room air condition controlled that is the benefit of the Ducted Air Conditioning systems. By overlaying the optimal cooling plan on your house plan, you have the ability to not only cool your home, but to also discreetly place the duct outlets so they virtually disappear.
  • Of course with the Ducted Air Conditioning systems, they are also a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system - which means that they heat as well during Winter. So, not only do you have "whole of house" comfort - but from one system, you have "whole of year" comfort as well.
  • Advanced controls are now standard with all of these units, so you have the ability to configure your cooling to your personal preferences. The units of today also allow for more difficult installations, with highly versatile units and the capacity for longer duct runs meaning that most homes can now accommodate a Ducted Air Conditioning system.

Add On Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning 

  • The “add-on” system is a great way of maximising your investment in your existing Ducted Heating Unit. Whether you have vents in the floor or the ceiling, you could already have most of the vents in place to incorporate a “cooling” option.
  • The Add On Refrigerated Ducted system uses a separate refrigeration unit to provide the cool air to then pump through your existing vents. Every existing system is a bit unique, so depending on your chosen unit and the desired airflows – ducting upgrades are normally required.
  • The refrigeration units are pretty smart, using DC inverter technology to regulate the voltage, current and frequency of the system for maximum efficiency. These systems are also environmentally more friendly with the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant doing the hard work.
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Open and honest…..Ducted Air Conditioning units are not the cheapest option. Like Ducted Heating Units, there is simply a lot more equipment and it takes a lot more time to install. 

But, it's the classic situation of you get what you pay for…...

What you pay for is a full whole of house air conditioning system - what you get is cool comfort in every room of your house, day and night. You can enjoy cooking in the kitchen, to watching a movie in the lounge to a good night’s sleep, with cooling in every room.

So, if you what to enjoy the heat of day during summer and then, go inside to air conditioned cool comfort across your whole home, with whisper quiet function from next to invisible vents…then a Ducted Air Conditioning unit is the right system for you.

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