Variable Refrigerant Volume

Variable Refrigerant Volume

Variable refrigerant volume system (VRV’s) are a multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings which use variable refrigerant flow controls to provide customers with the ability to maintain zone control in individual rooms and floors of a building.

VRV’s use refrigerant that has been conditioned by an outdoor condensing unit and circulated throughout the building using multiple fan coil units. They are used in a wide variety of commercial applications across the country.

VRV’s are a very effective unit for providing climate control across multiple office, floor or building zones, as each area can be individually controlled to meet its specific needs. Different areas of the same building can require different temperature zones due to the use of the area (computer equipment, office or open space) or due to the aspect and position. VRV’s provide the versatility required in all of these environments.

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