Blocked drains! What a pain! How to avoid them!

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Blocked drains can be a real pain!

You if you have a blocked sewer drain, storm water drain or any drain that is designed to take the waste and water away from your home to be processed – you need it fixed fast! The longer a drain is blocked, the higher the risk of flooding or more permanent damage to your home and property.


Its important to understand that drain pipe damage can be a result of many things. Natural ground shifts, age, tree roots (common in the Yarra Valley), and any other variable that could cause even the slightest crack within your drain pipe. Little cracks alone should not keep you up at night. However, its when these little cracks start to catch all the things that should not go down your drain that’s when a build-up can occur. So its important that we are conscious of everything that goes down our pipes. Things such as:

Paper towels, feminine hygiene products, even tissues and hair should not go down your toilet!

In your kitchen you should watch that no food scraps go down your sink…and limit or avoid washing fats and oils down the drain as they can build up in your pipes causing blockages.


These things mentioned above can get caught on small cracks in your pipe and act as a net capturing waste as it passes by. Eventually this is what causes a blockage. Dust and fats act more as a growing wall which also grabs and uses waste passing by to slowly build a dam in your pipes.


As you can see its important to understand why drains get blocked in the first place. Because with the correct care and management a blocked drain may be avoidable all together. If, however, you find yourself with a blocked drain or sewer pipe, Alpine trade group can take care of everything. Our camera can assist with determining the cause of the blockage and we are able to resolve most issues quickly with our Jetter drain cleaning system.

A water Jetter is made of a flexible hose, with a precision nozzle at the cleaning end. As water is pumped through the hose at a high pressure it is able to break away the clog and eventually break through the barrier without causing interior damage to the pipes.
In addition to clearing out the clog a rear-facing water jet designed to propel the hose through your drain pipes also cleans the pipe as it moves. This double pressure cleaning of your pipes ensures that not only is your clog cleared, but your pipes are cleaned and will last longer.
A water jetter can clean the sewage waste pipes from inside your house, as well as the leaf and debris build up in your storm drain pipes.

Alternatives can include using a drain snake, which can be affective in unblocking drains. However, as this works by using a metal coil in a spinning motion to physically push and move the blockage … there is a concern that the snake can cause more damage to the interior of the pipes. That is why at Alpine we use the combination of camera and Jetter make for a fast and efficient drain cleaning solution.