Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

A new product has hit the market and we are in love! HRV systems or (Heat Recovery Ventilation systems) are a brilliant concept, and can improve indoor air quality by providing fresh air ventilation in a unique way....

With fires across the country over summer severly impacting air quality outside...Plus the fact that we have increased the use of chemicals inside our homes, with aerosols, sprays, cleaning products, airfreshners etc... our children are developing allergies at an alarming rate and its never been more important to think about the quality of air we breath everyday. This is a sad instance where if you are living in the beautiful Yarra Valley and Eastern Suburbs you may not be breathing in the "fresh country air" that we were once use to.

If you're having  problems with moisture in your home and are concerned about rising damp, black mould, and condensation... If you suffer from allergies, asthma or concerned about all the volitile organic chemicals in the air inside your home then you really need to check out HRV systems. 

They are designed to draw out the "stale" warm air in your home, and use it to warm the  "fresh"  filtered incoming air. They can also be reversed and remove the warm air, and bring in cooled air.  Simple concept, but the benifits are huge! 

To learn more check out the following video 


These HRV systems can be designed from the beginning when you are completing a new build, or can be installed into exisiting homes. 

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