Hot water system maintenance is often overlooked by Australians…

Hot water system maintenance is often overlooked by Australians…

Australians have become accustomed to having hot water at our fingertips. This instant access to hot water is essential in keeping our households and businesses running. Hot water for our dishes, washing up, our hygiene routines, household appliance function and more…

When hot water systems break down, all of a sudden we have a big inconvenience and fixing the issue becomes a matter of urgency… and if its an emergency, you can be sure it’s going to cost you more $$$ !

Generally, in the Yarra Valley we understand that we must get our cars serviced in order for them to remain reliable with the kilometers we drive. We service our air conditioners and our heaters so they are reliable in the peak seasons…but did you know that by performing regular maintenance on your hot water system you can in many cases avoid a costly breakdown.

There are now so many types of hot water systems found in homes across Melbourne, these include instantaneous flow systems, electric or gas storage systems, solar and heat pump systems. Depending on what type of hot water system you have, the service frequencies may vary, however the components that need to be monitored are the same for most systems. The key components are the Sacrificial anode and the Temperature Pressure Relief valve. The longevity of the system will be dependent on the sacrificial anode and if it is replaced before going rusty, and the TPR valve being checked often enough to ensure its correctly operating (its job is to vent hot water in the pressure in the tank gets too much).

How to tell if your Hot Water system needs servicing…

  • Leakage of water out of the hot water system
  • Problems with your Pilot light
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Variations in water pressure
  • Odd noises coming from the system (grumbles)
  • Presence of sediment in water

You may also wish to refer to your water heater manual for specific brand and model advice.

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