How to use your Air conditioner to improve your indoor air quality during Victoria's fire season..

How to use your Air conditioner to improve your indoor air quality during Victoria's fire season..

Across Victoria the smoke from the fires burning across the state can not only be seen, but felt. This makes it a difficult time for not only those immediately affected by the fires, but those with allergies, asthma or respiratory conditions living in other parts of the state.

The smokey air, is made up of a composite of gas and fine particles that are produced when wood and other materials burn. It is the fine particles can enter your home or office in a number of ways and be detrimental to your health, especially if you’re already vulnerable. Some of the ways smoke can enter is;

  • Trough open windows and doors
  • Through mechanical ventilation devices, such as exhaust fans (found in your kitchen and bathroom).
  • Through “HVAC“  Heating and air conditioning systems that have a fresh air intake.
  • Infiltration through small openings or cracks around doors and windows.

This advice is appropriate for those that live in a fire affect town, and also to other vulnerable people across the country. Keep your windows and doors closed, and run your AC however, ensure you have switched OFF the fresh air intake. Reticulate the air inside your home – the same advice is given when using the air conditioners in your cars. If you have a box AC close the outdoor damper.

Some other things to think about to improve your immediate Indoor air quality are;

  • Consider purchasing a portable air purifier (these may be tricky to get, now as many parts of the state have sold out)
  • Upgrading to a high efficiency HVAC filter. A filter can help improve the indoor air quality during the remainder of the fire season. The ideal filter is one with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 13 or as high as your system fan filter can accommodate.

Our Service Experts at ALPINE TRADE GROUP can help guide you and recommend the highest rating filter that will work for your system.   Call us on 1300252225 and see how we can help improve the Indoor air quality in your home.