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When most of us think about a typical Aussie summer we don't think about socks and sandals! We think about;

Heat, sun, humidity, long summer nights, beach, swimming, sprinklers under trampolines, creeks and rivers, dry grass, hay, bush fires, coldies, ice, air-conditioning!

What is funny about this is the last word AIR-CONDITIONING?

Most of us associate this with cooling our homes, work places and cars etc. The weather heats up above 30 degrees and we “chuck the air-conditioning on in order to cool ourselves down”.

However, the word actually refers to both heating and cooling your environment! Of course, this makes sense, right? We are conditioning our air to the desired temperature! HOT OR COLD!  So, if you’ve experienced a cold night in the Yarra Valley this summer and switched your heater on…you’re really just running you AC!

This summer has thrown everything at us Melbournians… Hot summer days followed by rain, hail, wind, cold nights, more hot days and hot nights. It’s OKAY!! We’re resilient and tough and can deal with whatever mother nature decides to throw at us. However, what can help is having your homes heating and cooling (air-conditioning) equipment maintained and serviced ready to go any time of year!

Your home might have reverse cycle equipment (such as a ducted or split system), or a designated cooling system ( like an evaporative cooler) or a heating only system (a wood fire, hydronic heating etc). Whatever the case having them ready to be switched ON or OFF at a days’ notice is important if you want to remain comfortable in your home year-round.

So, what can YOU do to ensure you're comfortable whatever the weather?

  • You can have your equipment serviced annually – This is critical to prolong the life of your equipment but also maintain your warranty.
  • You can become a member of our Total Care Club – So you don’t have to remember to book in your service and as a member you receive;
    • 4 annual inspections of your homes HEATING, COOLING, ELCTRICAL and PLUMBING.
    • Priority Scheduling.
    • Live technical assistance (often we can troubleshoot issues without having to attend your home).
    • Annual water, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide testing.
    • 15% discount on parts for repairs.
    • $2400 worth of money saving vouchers.
    • 24/7 Great service discount – which means no call out fees during business hours ever!
  • You can start thinking NOW about colder months…. Get that heater quote, ask a service expert about your OPTIONS maybe a new reverse cycle system would be best for your year-round comfort.

If you would like to know more, or just want to be prepared whatever the weather give our team a call on 1300 252 225 today and stay safe and comfortable every day!