Keeping cool back at school

Keeping cool back at school

The weather across Melbourne is heating up again towards the end of the week…Proving that summer is defiantly not over just yet. Kids can be all GO GO GO and they often forget to take a break…which can lead to overheating and heat stroke. Many schools across Victoria and the Yarra Valley may have an “extreme weather policy” that is implemented on code RED days… This may consist of inside play, which is great to stay cool. However, it’s also still important to remember the following tips to help keep your kids cool when they are outside in the coming days.

Teach your kids to be self-aware – As they run and play with their friends, they may be too excited to sit and cool down. Teach them the signs of overheating and let them know that its ok, to talk to their friends and teachers about how they may be feeling. Mild symptoms which indicate its time to cool down may include:

  • Being sweaty
  • Red in the face
  • Out of breath

Followed by more sever symptoms of overheating/heat stroke such as;

  • Nausea – that feeling of being sick in the stomach
  • Vomiting – loosing fluids from vomiting is a danger sign
  • Cramps – sharp muscle and stomach cramps
  • Super thirst – when a few gulps of water is not enough
  • Dizziness – feeling light headed and dizzy
  • Weakness – too weak to play any longer
  • HIGH BODY TEMPERATURE –37° is normal core temperature

So what is the best weapon against heat stroke ?


  1. Shade – A simple cotton wide brimmed hat. Playing in a shady place under trees or artificial shade. Proper clothing, keeping covered up will protect kids from the sun, so long sleeves and light colours if possible.
  2. Water – Having a drink bottle full of fresh water for your child to drink through out the day. Adding a squeeze of lemon to the water adds flavour and vitamin C.  Making sure they are dinking plenty of tepid-to-cool water. Ice water can cause stomach cramps when a child is overheated.
  3. Airflow – Teach kids to look for a breeze in trees and greenery. Avoid hot rooms, never leave kids in cars or spaces where there is no airflow. If inside a building ensure air-conditioning is available and working efficently.

So, to keep your kids cool when they go back to school, ensure they know how to look out for the signs of heat stroke, and also educate them on the benefits of shade, water and airflow.

As for when the school bell rings at 3pm…. Make sure you have a cool house to bring the kids back to! Call ALPINE Trade group today 1300 252225 and get the best advice on reverse cycle air conditioning, split systems or evaporative coolers. We install service and repair all types.