You could upgrade your heater 😉 but…there are some other ways that could help you avoid feeling the chill right now. If you live in Melbourne or the Yarra Valley, we’re experiencing cold nights, and miserable wet foggy days… We are spending much more time indoors home-schooling our kids and working from home while we’re in our second lockdown for the year… So what if your cold…? Try some of our top tips to keep warm. If they don’t work…Please remember, we can help, and we are open to serve you! As heating is an essential service, we’re taking all the precautions possible to keep you safe and warm during this unusual winter. Call us anytime for advice on 1300 252 225.


#1. Get your calories - To keep your bodies core temperature up, you need food to burn. Aim for one hot meal a day at a minimum. Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits and unprocessed foods.

#2. Wear socks to bed – This simple trick helps keep your whole body warm!  It also sends signals to your brain that its time to sleep… If you just can’t sleep in socks, wearing warm cosy slippers for a few hours before bed also really helps.  

#3 Get your flannies out! – Soft, flexible fabric that breaths. There is nothing better than flannel pjs. Not too hot, or too cold, they’ll keep you cosy in winter.

#4 Get your IRON and Vitamin B12 – Without these you can get anaemia and this can make you feel cold, because it reduced the amount of oxygen that is carried around in your blood because of the reduced number of red blood cells. If you don’t get enough from your food, or have trouble absorbing B12 you may need to take supplements. Make sure you eat plenty of chicken, eggs & fish. Get your iron from sources like pork, seafood, chickpeas and leafy greens.

#5 Dress in layers – Lots of layers are better than a single heavy one. Thermal underwear that wicks away moisture, and then layers (generally three  layers work well). Make sure you use wool or down in the middle layer.

#6 Heat your mattress – A heated mattress pad is perfect and doesn’t bunch up like a sheet. A lot of people who use one can turn their home heating off at night to. Make sure its not too old tho,  these will wear overtime...If needed purchase a new one, and remember to have your appliances tested and tagged every 1-2 years to ensure their saftey.  As faulty applicances are responsible for the majority of house hold fires. (Our team at Alpine can do this for you)

#7 Spice up your life! – Jalapenos, Indian and Mexican food…anything that’s hot! Food literally warms up your body, and there’s no problem with that! Unless you have ulcers, or other stomach issues. Look up some local businesses and see if they have a home delivery service... Supporting local take away business's during these times will ensure your favorite places are open when life goes back to normal.

#8 Walking and exercise – Go for a walk or a jog… Not only will you warm up, it helps build your muscles, which can also burn calories and makes body heat. If you’re healthy enough vigorous exercise can raise your core body temperature. If you cant (or prefer not to) exercise outside (your back yard might be small) remember, there are lots of exercises we can do inside. Things like jumping jacks, sit up and push ups, even walking around your backyard and hanging the washing out etc... Anything to keep you moving! You may wish to join in with a zoom class or two to keep you motivated...

#9 Waterproof shoes! – Just because your foot wear is insulated, doesn’t mean its water resistant. Boots that aren’t sealed for moisture can turn into ice blocks fast. Pair your water proof shoes with nice thick socks. Thick socks and gumboots are the perfect ISO trend in the valley.

#10 Keep track – Tell your doctor if you’re more sensitive to the cold than in the past. Alot of appointments can be done over the phone atm, to avoid having to leave the house.  It could be related to a medical issue, with nutrition, blood cells, thyroid gland or something else. Try to note severity and how often it happens and your GP may want to run some tests.  


Most of all - Hug your loved ones,  give them a phone call or write them a letter, stay home, be sensible, and stay safe ... We can do this.