Reasons why you should install a backup generator if you live or own a business in the Yarra Valley....

Reasons why you should install a backup generator if you live or own a business in the Yarra Valley....

Melbourne’s weather is so unpredictable…however generally during summer we can expect mostly pleasant days, followed by days where temperatures sore in the high 30’s 40 degrees. Most of us are lucky enough to have some form of air-conditioned in our homes/or offices….but as power outages frequently occur during this season, most of us have not considered what will happen when extreme weather causes a black out.

Across the Eastern suburbs each summer, strong storms with high winds appear every year, which bring down power lines. There is also a higher demand for electricity during the summer because of increased air conditioning use, increased demands on our refrigeration and coolrooms. This may cause rolling blackouts and brownouts in areas where utilities services cannot cope with increased power demands. 

Fortunately, a backup generator can supply electricity during the duration of a power outage by being powered by diesel or alternate fuels.  Below we will list a few points that a back up generator can literally save the day.


*Keeping food cool – When power outages last for days, the food you’ve stocked up on over the Christmas period begins thaw, and can spoil in the refrigerator if the power is out during a hot summer day. Even worse if you are a small business owner and have a coolroom or freezer room packed full of stock thats costly to loose....Then there is the lack of business if you have to close the shop doors during a power outage.

* Keeping people and pets cool – Every man and his dog has the Air-conditioned turned up high which increases  demand and eventually a black out. When there’s no power, your split system, or ducted unit is no good to you….

The only way to stay cool is to eat an icy pole (which has melted because your fridge isn’t working) ….or to run through the sprinkler(which doesn’t work because your water pump doesn’t work without power!) Or go to the local or resturant and sit under their airconditioner (unless they have closed the doors because they have no power too!) This doesn’t leave you with many options to stay cool…except perhaps, opening the windows and praying for a cool change.

*Keeping your property safe  – Many people who live in the Yarra Valley have rainwater tanks and are not connected to mains supply of water. As mentioned, most pumps need power to get the water out of the tank, so with no power…you have no water which can be critical if a bushfire was to start and your plan is to stay and protect your property.

*Staying connected – When the power is down, there goes our phone chargers, our televisions and our radios…Without a back-up plan, many people can quickly become isolated during a power outage and this can be serious. There is an increased risk of fire in the Yarra Ranges during summer, and health concerns for the young, elderly residents and also our pets during extreme hot weather.  Keeping informed with the latest weather conditions and being able to call for help if needed is essential. Finally if you run your own business and the power is out.... "YAY" say your unplanned day off! no computers or phones, means no work can be done...being offline for an extended period can cost your business significatly. 


If you have a back-up generator properly sized and installed by a licenced electrician, you can avoid all of these circumstances and ensure that your family, home and or business is safe during summer 2019-2020. At Alpine we deal with many major brands, and can supply and install generators from 7kVA to 2200kVA in size. AKSA generators, powered by Mitsubishi, Perkins, Cummins, John Deer, Yanmar, Kubota or Izuzu engines. 

Give us a call at ALPINE today and speak with us to discuss what options best suit your needs. 1300252225.