What you need to know about Electrical Safety Switches, or RCD’s in Victoria

What you need to know about Electrical Safety Switches, or RCD’s in Victoria

Electrical Safety Switches or RCD’s (residual current devices) protect our family and loved ones against electrocution by immediately switching off the supply of electricity when electricity leaking to earth is detected at harmful levels.  However ensuring you choose the right RCD for your home/office and that it is correctly installed is a critical part of their performance. They are installed in your meter box or distribution board and testing them regularly is recommended. It is a small investment that will provide long term protection for everyone against serious injury and death.

Once installed, RCD’s need to be tested on a regular basis to ensure correct operation. The frequency of testing will depend on the environment, for residential properties in the Yarra Valley and Eastern suburbs we recommend every 12-18 months. For the workplace, every 6-12 months, however this may be more often in the construction industry (3 months).

Previously in Victoria testing of certain types of RCD’s has indicated that certain models had the potential to fail under certain circumstances. Energy Safe Victoria has given manufacturers until 1st July 2018 to ensure their products meet the strict ESV standards. After this date, all RCDs supplied and installed in homes across Victoria and the Yarra Valley must comply with the new standards.

Due to the fact that 15 Australians are killed in preventable home electrical accidents each year and around 20 times that number are hospitalised with serious injuries. Having RCD Safety switches appropriately installed and regularly tested in your home and work place should be highest priority.

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